【限定販売品】名刺入れ - Ocean Leather
【限定販売品】名刺入れ - Ocean Leather

[Limited sale item] Business card holder

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A business card holder made from red sea bream leather. Taking advantage of the characteristics of natural materials, it features a large pattern and uneven texture. This is a product that is not available in regular products at this time. Each piece is carefully manufactured.

Fish species: red sea bream

Color: Ocean Blue

Specifications: Gusseted pocket (1), card pocket (2), can store approximately 30 cards in total.

Exterior: Red sea bream leather, cowhide Interior: Fabric (blue)


Durability: Fish leather is both soft and durable. It is a product that can be used for a long time and is sturdy enough to withstand everyday use.


Please note: Due to the use of natural materials, there may be slight differences in pattern and color between products. Also, due to the nature of the product, there may be signs of aging due to wear and scratches, but this is a characteristic that can be enjoyed as a unique texture of the product. In addition, the fish leather and cowhide used are not chrome tanned but tanned, so even those with metal allergies can use them.

  • Red Snapper Leather
    This leather boasts a beautiful scale pattern imbued with transparency and depth. Each scale is individually shaded to create a unique three-dimensional texture with subtle variations. Historically, red snappers have been regarded as symbols of good luck, thanks to their phonetic association with "auspiciousness." They are highly recommended as gifts for special occasions and celebrations.

  • Japanese amberjack Leather
    This leather is known for its delicate scale patterns and smooth texture. It features lateral lines, adding a refreshing and stylish touch reminiscent of feeling the flow of water. Additionally, Japanese amberjack, which changes names as it grows, is considered a fish of success, making it an ideal talisman for career, education, and personal growth. Lateral lines are sensory organs in fish used to detect water currents, and only one can be found per piece of leather, making them a valuable feature.

  • Salmon Leather
    Salmon leather offers a uniform scale pattern with a three-dimensional texture and fine irregularities, making it an attractive choice for leather enthusiasts. The moderate size of the scale pattern ensures that it stands out just enough to be stylish and versatile. Among fish leathers, salmon leather boasts the highest durability, ensuring long-lasting use.

  • Dolphinfish (Mahi-Mahi) Leather Dolphinfish, a large carnivorous fish found in warm seas and popular in sports fishing, is known as mahi-mahi in Hawaii, where it's considered a luxury fish. Dolphinfish leather features finely detailed scale patterns and distinct lateral lines, resulting in a smooth and pleasant texture. Dolphinfish fish exhibit a shimmering transformation from blue and purple in the sea to a golden hue when caught. Inspired by the golden color of the fish's body, we've dyed this leather in Golden Yellow. Lateral lines are sensory organs in fish used to detect water currents, and only one can be found per piece of leather, making them a valuable and unique characteristic.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to read this.

Fish leather, being a natural material, gains character over time, just like traditional leather. However, with prolonged use, leather can accumulate slight damage. Regular maintenance ensures that you can enjoy your fish leather products comfortably for an extended period.

[What You'll Need]

  • Soft cloth is recommended.
  • Leather oil or cream.

[Maintenance Timing]

The recommended frequency for maintenance is approximately twice a year.

[Maintenance Steps]

  1. Remove Surface Dirt Use a soft cloth to remove dust and any surface dirt. If you apply oil with surface dirt still present, it may become ingrained into the leather.

  2. Test Apply a Small Amount of Oil Just as human skin can exhibit allergic reactions to certain medications, leather can react to oils differently. There's a compatibility factor between leather and oils, and mismatched oils can cause discoloration, color fading, or changes in texture. To avoid this, apply a small amount of oil to an inconspicuous area and monitor it for a day.

  3. Apply Oil Across the Entire Surface If the test application in an inconspicuous area yields no issues, apply a thin layer of oil evenly across the entire surface.

  4. Allow to Dry and Wipe Excess Oil Allow it to air dry in the shade for approximately 1-2 hours, then use a dry, soft cloth to wipe off any excess oil. Please be cautious, as oils may potentially stain clothing, etc.

[Storage Instructions]

During storage, keep the items in a place with good ventilation, away from direct sunlight, and with low humidity.


Fish leather products, much like conventional leather, will slowly develop more depth over time. The extent of this transformation may vary depending on how they are used, so we hope you can nurture them to your liking.

Left] The one that has been used for about a year and a half. [Right] The new one.


[Left] The one that has been used for about a year. [Right] The new one.


[Domestic delivery]

Yamato Transport

  • Free shipping on orders over 5,000 yen
  • 500 yen nationwide (Kuroneko Yamato)
  • Ships within 5 business days after confirming your order

Due to weather conditions, delivery of packages may be delayed in some areas. For details, please check the Yamato Transport website .

[Overseas delivery]

EMS (international speed mail)

Please check the Japan Post website for the charges.

Ocean Leather products are eligible for paid repairs or servicing within the warranty period as outlined below. Please note that custom-made products may have a separate warranty period.

Repair costs may vary depending on the nature of the repair, so please contact us for an estimate. If you agree to the estimated repair or servicing fees, you can send the product to our store.

Please be aware that if the damage is extensive and cannot be repaired, we may not be able to accept the item.

  1. Eligible Products: All products from our brand.

  2. Warranty Period: For products with a unit price of up to 20,000 yen, the warranty period is within one year. For products exceeding 20,000 yen, the warranty period is within three years.

  3. Warranty Coverage: Even within the warranty period, the following types of damage are not covered by the warranty. Additionally, if a repair is performed, the starting date of the warranty period remains the original delivery date of the eligible product.

  • Damage that is deemed to exceed the scope of socially accepted and common-sense usage.
  • Repairs or modifications not arranged by our store.
  • Damage caused by criminal or unlawful acts."

Note: This translation assumes that the warranty applies to Ocean Leather products, and the warranty period and coverage are as described. Please adjust the details as needed to match the specific terms and conditions of the warranty.

At Ocean Leather, we offer the option to return or exchange products you've purchased. Please contact us within 30 days of receiving the item through our customer service.

If the Size Doesn't Fit or Doesn't Match Your Expectations:

If you find that the size doesn't fit or the product doesn't match your expectations, please contact us within 30 days of receiving the item. Please note that return shipping costs for reasons related to customer preference will be the responsibility of the customer.

If There Is an Issue with the Product:

In the rare event that the item delivered to you is defective or different from what you ordered, we will promptly assist you with the return or exchange process. Please contact us within 30 days of receiving the item.

Conditions for Non-Return or Non-Exchange:

  • If there are signs of usage, damage, or stains on the product when returning it.
  • If there is a loss of accessories that came with the product during the return process.
  • If the product page or a specific campaign states that returns are not accepted for the order.

Ocean Leatherのすべての製品は上品で高級感のあるBlack、もしくはWhiteに金箔押しのBOXへ入れてお客様の元へお届けします。


All Ocean Leather products are delivered to customers in an elegant and luxurious black box with gold lettering.

Additionally, we use red sea bream scales as cushioning material. Please note that the color of the scales is random.

If you wish to include a message, please kindly use the "Inquiry about the product" section below, and indicate your purchase of the product along with the message you'd like to include.

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