About repair and maintenance

Ocean Leather products are eligible for paid repairs or servicing within the warranty period as outlined below. Please note that custom-made products may have a separate warranty period.

Repair costs may vary depending on the nature of the repair, so please contact us for an estimate. If you agree to the estimated repair or servicing fees, you can send the product to our store.

Please be aware that if the damage is extensive and cannot be repaired, we may not be able to accept the item.

  1. Eligible Products: All products from our brand.

  2. Warranty Period: For products with a unit price of up to 20,000 yen, the warranty period is within one year. For products exceeding 20,000 yen, the warranty period is within three years.

  3. Warranty Coverage: Even within the warranty period, the following types of damage are not covered by the warranty. Additionally, if a repair is performed, the starting date of the warranty period remains the original delivery date of the eligible product.

  • Damage that is deemed to exceed the scope of socially accepted and common-sense usage.
  • Repairs or modifications not arranged by our store.
  • Damage caused by criminal or unlawful acts."

Note: This translation assumes that the warranty applies to Ocean Leather products, and the warranty period and coverage are as described. Please adjust the details as needed to match the specific terms and conditions of the warranty.

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