Mono Messe KOCHI 2022 We will be exhibiting at the 11th Kochi Prefecture Manufacturing Comprehensive Technology Exhibition!

ものメッセ KOCHI 2022 第11回高知県ものづくり総合技術展に展示します! - Ocean Leather
Well, we will be exhibiting this year too! Please come and visit us!

Mono Messe KOCHI 2022 11th Kochi Prefecture Manufacturing Comprehensive Technology Exhibition

What is integrated manufacturing technology?
With the aim of further promoting ``Local production for local consumption'' and ``Local production for foreign trade'' in Kochi Prefecture, we provide a place for businesses involved in ``manufacturing'' in Kochi Prefecture to introduce their superior technologies and products, and to hold business negotiations. We offer This year as well, we will be holding a hybrid format of real and online events. (Source: From Mono Messe official website )
Our booth is " Food and Housing Zone 6 "!
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