Trivia about the successful yellowtail fish

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Hello everyone!

Continuing from last time and sea bream, this time I would like to introduce some trivia about the ``success fish yellowtail''!

First, let me explain what Shusse-gyo is.
Shusse-gyo refers to fish that change their names as they grow older. Yellowtail, perch, and mullet are all familiar to everyone.
One theory is that fish have different commercial values ​​and cooking methods depending on their habitat, changes in ecology, and size, and the names are changed to identify them in fishing and distribution areas. It is said that

But why does changing one's name become a "promotion"? It has something to do with samurai customs up until the Edo period!
At that time, samurai would use ``childhood names'' as children and ``kana'' as adults, and if they were given status, they would sometimes change their names to befitting their names.

For example, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who succeeded Nobunaga Oda and unified the country...
"Hiyoshi Maru" → "Kinoshita Tokichiro" → "Hashiba Hideyoshi" → "Toyotomi Hideyoshi" → "Toyotaiko"
Not only did he change his childhood name to a pseudonym, but he also changed his name each time he was promoted.

Because of this custom, fish whose names change as they grow older are called ``shusse fish'' and are said to have come to be loved as lucky charms and given as gifts for celebrations.

Next, I would like to introduce you to yellowtail, which is the representative fish for success!
Yellowtail is a fish belonging to the genus Amberinae of the order Perciformes. It is a seasonal migratory fish that moves north along the Japanese archipelago in the spring and moves south in the fall. In the Kanto region, it changes as "wakashi" → "inada" → "warasa" → "yellowtail", and in Kansai it changes as "tsubasu" → "yamachi" → "white-eye" → "yellowtail".
Yellowtail is a relatively fast-growing fish that grows to about 30 cm in length in a year, and is often farmed and is a popular fish that is enjoyed and eaten by Japanese people throughout the year. It is the main fish species along with red sea bream at fishing ponds.

All fish have a sensory organ called the "lateral line" that allows them to sense the flow of water, and it is a valuable part of the skin that can only be removed from one piece of leather. In particular, the side lines of Buri leather are easy to see, making it one of the leathers where you can feel the charm of fish leather the most. Usually there is only one running line, but occasionally some fish have a lateral line that splits into two.
That's all the trivia about the successful yellowtail fish!
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