UNDP Project: Samoa #2

UNDPプロジェクト:サモア #2 - Ocean Leather
We apologize for the inconvenience, everyone.

In early July, I returned to Japan after completing technical support from Samoa. From the time I came back until the end of July, I was so busy with manufacturing and responding that I couldn't report much, but I would like to share with you little by little the technical support and life in Samoa.

[Samoa's situation/climate]

When asked about what Samoa was like, I think the Disney movie ``Moana'' best conveys the atmosphere of Samoa. Of course, it's more modern than Moana's world, but I think it's the best expression of the ocean, nature, and people.

When I arrived in Samoa, I immediately felt that it was hot and humid. (lol)

Samoa is located in the southern hemisphere, so it was the exact opposite of Japan, so it was winter. However, because it is a tropical region near the equator, it is hot and humid. The temperature was around 30 degrees every day, and I personally felt that the humidity was higher than in Japan. I was thinking of going fishing whenever I had the chance (lol), but the sun was too strong during the day, so I gave up on going every day. (By the way, even the locals don't go out much during the day because it's too hot. (LOL))

Temperature control is one of the key factors in the success of fish leather production, so I was worried about Samoa's harsh climate, but I would like to talk about that in a later post.


I hope that this project post will be an opportunity for you to learn more about Samoa and the fish leather business.

I don't post very often, but I hope you look forward to posting until the end of the Samoa Project.

This project is being commissioned by Thinkcy Co., Ltd. (@tototo_official), which manufactures fish leather in Toyama Prefecture.

■Thinksy Co., Ltd.
Founded the fish leather brand "tototo" in 2019 Based in Himi City, Toyama Prefecture, where the fishing culture is alive, we value "sustainable manufacturing that does not waste the blessings of life" and propose a new lifestyle using fish leather. Masu.
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