Mr. Kochi was featured on TV!

高知さんさんテレビに取り上げられました! - Ocean Leather

Hello everyone!

Ocean Leather was recently featured on Kochi-san TV on June 10th (Friday).

The ``Reborn Material Handiwork Exhibition'' is currently being held at Kaiyodo Space Factory Nankoku until the 26th (Sunday) of this month. Mr. Kochi TV interviewed Ocean Leather about a special exhibition that reuses materials that are no longer needed or used.
Thank you to Kochi-san TV Serina Kawabe announcer and cameraman!

We are planning to hold a sales event from 1:00 pm on Sundays on the 12th (now finished) and 19th of this month as part of the ``Reborn Materials Handiwork Exhibition'' currently being held.
The last day is Father's Day, so why not give it as a Father's Day present or for yourself?
We look forward to seeing you!
Ocean Leather

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