It was featured in RKC's "Vivid Viviru Oki's Vivid Viviru! Tosa Heritage De Eigayaniga!"!

RKC の「ビビる大木のビビットビビる‼ 土佐遺産でエイガヤナイガ‼」で取り上げられました! - Ocean Leather

On February 24th (Thursday), Ocean Leather was featured on RKC Kochi Broadcasting's "Bibiru Oki's Bibit Bibiru! Tosa Heritage De Eigayaniga!"

Mr. Bibiru Oki has been recognized as a ``Tosa Heritage'' due to his bias and bias.
Youtuber "Chagamaran" came to interview us and introduced us to the charm of fish leather in a fun way!
Has Ocean Leather been successfully ``Tosa Certified''?
You can also watch “Vivid Viviru Oki’s Vivid Viviru!! Tosa Heritage and Eigayaniga!” on TVer!
Ocean Leather

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