Ocean Leather was featured on RKC Kochi Broadcasting's "Kochi Eye"!

RKC 高知放送の「こうちeye」にてOcean Leather が取り上げられました! - Ocean Leather

On January 24th (Monday), Ocean Leather was broadcast in the "Tosa Monogatari" corner of RKC Kochi Broadcasting "Kochi Eye".

Thanks to announcer Ryusuke Takahashi's bright and detailed coverage, we were able to convey to everyone the difficulties and benefits of the fish leather tanning process. Thank you to Announcer Takahashi and the crew.
Announcer Takahashi's blog ↓
Also, after the broadcast ended, we received tremendous feedback through phone calls, Instagram events, etc. thank you.
We are currently holding a Pop Up Shop at Kochi Tsutaya Bookstore!
You can actually touch fish leather and purchase pre-sale leather products and accessories, so if you are interested, please come by. Even if you just touch it, you can just look at it!
Date and time: January 25th (Tuesday) to January 31st (Monday)
Time: 10:00-20:00
Location: Kochi Tsutaya Bookstore East Entrance POP UP Space
Furthermore, this Friday (January 28th), I will be interviewed by announcer Takahashi again on the radio broadcast "Buchinuki FRIDAY" !
I would appreciate it if you could listen to it if you would like.
Ocean Leather

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