Appeared on RKC Challenge to SDGs ~To protect the future of Kochi~!

RKC SDGsへの挑戦~高知の未来を守るために~に出演しました! - Ocean Leather
Ocean Leather was featured on RKC Kochi Broadcasting's "Challenge to SDGs - To protect Kochi's future" which was broadcast the other day!
Thank you to everyone who watched!
There will also be a rebroadcast, so if you missed it or are interested, please check it out!
Quoted from RKC official website
■Broadcast date and time
[Main broadcast] February 12th (Sun) 17:00-17:30
[Rebroadcast] February 18th (Sat) 16:30-17:00
■Program content
Within Kochi Prefecture, many people, including governments and businesses, are working to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). The program introduces a man who makes leather products using fish skin and a company that developed clear paper files. In addition to conveying the thoughts of business operators who are taking on the challenge of achieving the SDGs, we will also think about the importance of the SDGs in protecting our future.
Ocean Leather

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