Information regarding temporary suspension of made-to-order reception

オーダーメイド受付一時停止についてのご案内 - Ocean Leather
Thank you for visiting this blog.
We are currently receiving many custom orders. Thank you very much.
As some of you may know, we are a one-person operation that handles everything from manufacturing to sewing fish leather. Additionally, as we do business with corporations, we regret to inform you that we will be suspending the acceptance of made-to-order orders for approximately six months from today.
We do not want to make half-baked products that would reduce the appeal of fish leather products by half to the customers who were interested in our products.
Thank you for your understanding.
We will notify you through this blog, official SNS, etc. regarding the start of accepting made-to-order items.
For those who have already placed an order, we ask that you please continue to wait as the product is currently in production.
Ocean Leather

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