There was an award ceremony for the Local Industry Awards!

地場産業大賞 表彰式がありました! - Ocean Leather

[Local Industry Awards Award Ceremony/Friendship Party]

Good evening, everyone.

The award ceremony for the 37th Kochi Prefecture Local Industry Awards, which we announced previously, was held yesterday at "The Crown Palace New Hankyu Kochi."

Although it was my first time applying, I was able to receive the Kochi Prefecture Local Industry Encouragement Award. 👏

Fish leather was born from representative Takahashi's idea, ``Is it possible to make something out of the mountains of fish skin that is discarded every day?'' and was inspired by stuffed fish. 🐟

Recently, we have been featured in the media, more and more people are saying, "I've heard of it!", and now we're even receiving prestigious awards like this.

Once again, everyone involved,
Dear Ocean Leather fans,
Thank you for your continued support. Your support and connections are the vitality of our activities.

We will continue to spread fish leather both domestically and around the world, so we appreciate your continued support.

Ocean Leather

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