About the care of fish leather products

フィッシュレザー製品のお手入れについて - Ocean Leather
Thank you for using Ocean Leather.
We would like to provide you with information on how to care for and store the fish leather products sold by our brand.
We hope that you will enjoy reading this manual for a long time.
Fish leather, which is a natural material, is attractive because the longer you use it, the more its flavor increases. However, if used for a long time, the leather may become damaged. With proper maintenance, you can enjoy using your fish leather products for a longer period of time.

[Things to prepare]
・Cloth (soft material recommended)
・Leather oil or cream

[Cleaning timing]
The best time to perform maintenance is when you feel the leather becoming rough. Or maybe twice a year. The skin of living things constantly receives water and nutrients from blood, so it is constantly moisturized and repairs damage without any maintenance. Similarly, soaking leather in oil will restore its moisture and make it last longer.

[How to care]

1. Remove dirt Remove dust and other dirt adhering to the surface with a soft cloth. If you apply oil with dirt still on the surface, the dirt may stick to the leather.

2. Take a small amount of oil and try applying it. Human skin can have allergic reactions to medicines, and a similar phenomenon occurs with leather. Leather and oil are compatible, and if you apply an incompatible oil, the leather may discolor, fade, or change in texture. To avoid this, apply oil to an inconspicuous area around the edges and see how it goes over the course of a day.

3. Quickly apply the oil to the entire area. After applying the oil to an inconspicuous area, if there is no problem, quickly apply a thin layer of oil to the entire area.

4. Drying and wiping with a dry cloth After drying in the shade for about 1 to 2 hours, cleaning is completed by wiping off excess oil with a dry, soft cloth. *Please be careful as the dye may get on your clothes.
[Storage method]
When storing, avoid direct sunlight and store in a well-ventilated place with low humidity.

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