Appeared on a live radio broadcast on FM Kochi!

FM高知にてラジオ生放送に出演しました! - Ocean Leather

Appeared on a live radio broadcast on FM Kochi!

Today, April 11th, I appeared on FM Kochi's morning wide program "Hisix Shake! Shake! Shake!" around 10:20am.
This time, I visited a radio studio for the first time and had a conversation with radio personality Ryo Matsuki.
Last time when I appeared on RKC Radio Telephone, I was nervous because I didn't have anyone to talk to and didn't know what to do, but this time I was in a solid studio, so I was nervous all over again. . (lol)
However, thanks to Mr. Matsuki's skillful progress and assistance, we managed to finish the recording safely!
Thank you very much, Matsuki-san.

Ocean Leather

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