I appeared on Hiroshi Miyama's Sansan Ayumu!

三山ひろしのさんさん歩に出演しました! - Ocean Leather
Thank you to everyone who watched "Hiroshi Miyama's Sansan Ayumu" which was broadcast the other day.
I'm really happy that so many people have seen it!
It was raining lightly on the day the photo was taken, and Mr. Miyama and announcer Nakamura braved the cold to make the only fillet-shaped key chain in the world.
Mr. Miyama, who is from Nankoku City, is a very friendly person, and Announcer Nakamura was also very cheerful and the shoot was very friendly.
For those who missed it or are interested outside of Kochi Prefecture!
You can watch it on FOD, so please check it out if you like!

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