Why is sea bream said to be auspicious?

なぜ鯛はめでたいといわれるの? - Ocean Leather
Sea bream has long been said to be auspicious and auspicious, but do you know why this is said to be the case? I myself thought, ``Maybe it's because the uncle of the Seven Lucky Gods has it?'' But when I looked into it, it turns out that it has many origins as auspicious! !

This time, we have summarized the origin of why sea bream is said to be auspicious and auspicious!

Part 1: Appearance
* Red and white body... One theory is that red and white represent a person's life, and are often used in sunny stages. Therefore, the red and white color of the sea bream is auspicious! It has come to be compared to Red is also considered a talismanic color.
* Ebisu-sama has it... Ebisu-sama, the god of fisheries, has a sea bream.
*Looks like a samurai... The hard scales with spikes make it look like the armor of a brave samurai.
Part 2: Bone shape
Inside the body of a sea bream is a sea bream-shaped bone called the ``tai no tai.'' Since the Edo period, carrying around these bones has been said to improve your financial luck, ward off evil spirits, and bring good fortune.
Part 3: Long life
It varies depending on the environment when the fish are young, but in general they live for 20 years to 40 years or more. For this reason, it is considered a ``long-lived fish.''
Part 4: Good vocabulary
It came to be considered auspicious because of its good use of words such as ``Auspicious''.
Part 5: High nutritional value
High in protein and low in fat. It is rich in vitamins that help digestive enzymes in the body, as well as DHC and EPA that make the blood thin. It is also rich in ingredients that promote cell regeneration.
Although there are many theories, it seems that sea bream has come to be considered auspicious for various reasons such as these.
I was surprised that I didn't know that there were so many different origins.
How many did you know? ?

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