Featured on NHK Kochi's "Kochi Ichiban"!

NHK高知の「こうちいちばん」にて取り上げられました! - Ocean Leather
The person reporting was caster Asuka Shiro, who has a lovely smile.
The shooting time is about half a day. We received a lot of reports on the charms of fish leather! Also, during the shoot, they not only showed me but also the inside of the factory, which is an important place in making fish leather. Through this interview, I think I was able to convey the actual situation and background of how fish leather was made.
Thank you to the caster Asuka Shiro and the film crew who interviewed us this time, and to everyone who watched the broadcast in real time.

Also, for those of you who have come to know about Ocean Leather through Makuake, Daimaru Tokyo store "Asumise", and other official SNS, we will continue to work hard to attract attention on national TV and overseas, so please continue to support us. Please.
▽You can watch it on “Ichiban Video”! *In principle, videos are posted for two months from the broadcast date.

Ocean Leather

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