I will be speaking as a guest at the community revitalization school "Kochi Mimase Gakusha" open school!

地域おこし学校 「こうちみませ楽舎」オープンスクールにゲストとして登壇します! - Ocean Leather
Hello everyone!

I will be speaking as a guest on "Kochi Mimase Gakusha"!

``Kochi Mimase Rakusha'' is a place that revitalizes the region through learning and practice with a focus on creating vibrancy and vitality in the Nagahama , Otatamase, and Uradara regions . There, you can make new discoveries and discoveries, give form to fun, meet people, and create opportunities for the community.
This year's theme is "Use local resources!" In addition to myself, there are two other guests who are active both within and outside of the prefecture.
The open school is free of charge, so we hope that many people will come.
Date: Saturday, June 4, 2020
Location: Former Otawase Elementary School Gymnasium (209 Nagahama, Kochi) *Parking available
Time: 9:30 a.m. to noon

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