Aeon Mall Kochi POP UP SHOP will open!

イオンモール高知 POP UP SHOP 出店します! - Ocean Leather
The rainy season has ended, and the days are close to 30 degrees. Have you decided on your plans for the July holidays?
I think there are people who haven't decided in particular, people who are just lounging around at home, and people who are going shopping. When it comes to shopping, I think AEON Mall Kochi is one of the places you often visit. I often go there, but I have some news for you all.

Oh my God! Ocean Leather will be available at Aeon Mall Kochi! 👏👏

The event is scheduled for 4 days from July 15th (Friday) to July 18th (Monday).
We also sell rare products that are not available in regular products!
If you are interested in fish leather or want to see the real thing before purchasing, we are looking forward to seeing you at Aeon Mall Kochi!
▽Aeon Mall Kochi official website
Ocean Leather

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