About the strength of fish leather

フィッシュレザーの強度について - Ocean Leather
Good evening everyone!

Just like last time, I would like to introduce you to the basic knowledge of fish leather, ``strength.''

What kind of image do you have of fish skin?
People have the impression that fish skin is thin, and you can eat it by breaking it with chopsticks after boiling it, so you might think it's not that strong!

In fact, fish leather is stronger than cowhide! !

The secret lies in the special structure of crosshatch fibers. Crosshatch is a structure in which fibers overlap in a lattice pattern, and each fiber of fish leather is intricately intertwined, so it can maintain strong strength even though it is thin.
(*However, when cowhide and fish leather are made to the same thickness and pulled in a straight line)
This time we talked about the "strength" of fish leather. Fish leather is more sturdy than I expected!
Please take a look at this leather as an alternative to cowhide and horsehide!
Ocean Leather

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