About the smell of fish leather

フィッシュレザーのにおいについて - Ocean Leather
Hello everyone!
This time, I would like to talk about the "smell of fish leather" once again!
Our brand transforms discarded fish skin into leather and handles it as a leather product.
Many of you may be thinking, "Fish skin stinks!" What causes the smell of fish leather is the fat in the fish. To get rid of that fishy smell, we carefully scrape off each piece of fish meat with a knife to remove the fat. From there, it is tanned using the same method as cowhide leather. Through this process, fish leather has a smell that is almost the same as regular leather products.
Fish, horses, cows, and snakes all go through similar processes to become leather.
It's hard to believe, but it really doesn't smell! ! (lol)
I hope that fish leather will become a new material in the leather industry in the future!
Ocean Leather

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