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Hello everyone!
Lately, I've been having some lackluster days. Please take good care of your health.
Well, this time I would like to talk about fish leather from a slightly different angle.
Ocean Leather uses fish skin that is discarded during processing. Therefore, we do not intentionally kill or capture living creatures just to make fish leather. In addition, all of the fish skins currently available at our brand, with the exception of salmon leather, are from fish caught in Kochi. We only receive salmon leather from Northern Europe and South America. (*All leather manufacturing is done in Kochi.)
The four types of fish that can be secured most consistently are yellowtail, sea bream, salmon, and dolphinfish. Therefore, we are able to provide it to everyone as a product.
Sometimes we hear that we don't have fish leather from rare or high-quality fish, but our brand uses ``fish skin that is discarded during processing,'' so we do not use fish that can be eaten with the skin or high-quality fish in our products. The current situation is that, with some exceptions, it is difficult to provide such services. (It is possible to bring in fish you caught yourself to make into fish leather products.)
If I'm lucky enough to get it, I'll tan it... (lol)
Even if you can safely secure the skin, there are some things you need to be careful about. For example, long wallets require the largest area of ​​fish leather, so larger leather is required. However, because the size and shape of each leather varies depending on the season, it is necessary to select and tan the largest hides possible. Also, if there is a hole of even 1mm in the required area during the process of converting the hide into leather, the usable area will decrease, so you have to concentrate on the meat cutting process. Even though it can be secured stably, the size and condition of the skin are also important depending on the product. Of course, don't worry, even if it's small, you can use it as a leather accessory or key chain, or make it by piecing it together!
This time I will focus on this area! It's rare to have the opportunity to learn about such details, and I don't know if you'll be interested or find it troublesome, but I decided to write about the raw material, fish skin!
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