We are taking on the challenge of crowdfunding “Makuake”!

クラウドファンディング「Makuake」 に挑戦します! - Ocean Leather

Hello everyone.

It's been a chilly day lately. We have some news for you today.

We have decided to take on the challenge of crowdfunding " Makuake ".

New products will be released for this purpose!

・Pencil case (red sea bream, yellowtail, dolphinfish)

・ID pass case (red sea bream, yellowtail, dolphinfish)

・Notebook type smartphone case (Madai/Buri)

In this day and age, where relatively inexpensive cowhide and synthetic leather are becoming more common, we hope that through this project, we would like everyone to experience the uniqueness and charm of fish leather!

We will also use the support purchase funds we receive to develop new products and introduce leather manufacturing machinery (tanning drums) to improve the quality and productivity of fish leather.

【Project name】

Made from real fish [New material!] Fish leather products with beautiful scale patterns

[Event period] November 17, 2022 (Thursday) to January 17, 2023 (Tuesday)

[Target amount] 300,000 yen

[Use of funds] Development of new products and introduction of leather manufacturing machinery (tanning drum) to improve the quality and productivity of fish leather

[Return] We offer 40% discount (20 pieces), 30% discount (30 pieces), and 15% discount (100 pieces) on the regular price of the above three products.

We are currently preparing to start the project! We will be updating new product information on Ocean Leather's official Instagram and official online shop blog, so don't miss out!

Please note that the crowdfunding site will be available for viewing from November 17th (Thursday).

Ocean Leather

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